Kurt Oddekalv, Green Warriors of Norway

"Farmed salmon is the most toxic food in the world" (as quoted in The New York Times in 2017)


Juan Carlos Cardenas, Ecoceanos in Chile

"The salmon we produce is eaten by the mouths of people in the USA and  Europe, but the asshole is here in Latin America.  The true cost of the cheap salmon you eat is being paid with the blood of our people and the health of our oceans" (as quoted in The Ecologist in 2011

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Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs

"We serve notice on the Norwegian corporations who are wreaking havoc on the pristine waters along the coast and imposing their absolutely toxic and repugnant fish farming industry on us." (speaking at a rally in 2010)

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Read about the Union of BC Indian Chief's zero tolerance to salmon farms online here


Chief Bob Chamberlin, Canada

"Here in British Columbia, the vast majority of First Nations are very  clear in their opposition to the operation of open net cage fish farms.  We welcome the Washington state decision [to ban Atlantic salmon farms] and certainly are going to be  pushing for the British Columbia government to do the same and look  after this world resource of Pacific salmon." (speaking to CTV News in 2018)


Pamela Anderson, USA

"Doctors and scientists are warning women that farmed salmon fat is high in chemicals that can be harmful to the development of their babies.  Please do not put farmed salmon on your plate." (speaking in 2016)


David Suzuki, Canada

"You don't give a shit about what you're putting into your body.  Farmed salmon is filled with toxic chemicals" (speaking at the Australian National Press Club Lunch in 2006)

"I would never feed a child farmed salmon.  It's poison!" (quoted in The Toronto Star in 2006)

"I'm astonished about how ignorant the average consumer is over the fish they're going to put into their body." (speaking to CBC News in 2018)

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Read more about calls for an end to open net pen salmon farming online here


Alexandra Morton, Canada

"Consumers have been led to believe that when they buy farmed salmon, they are helping protect wild salmon and the whales and bears that feed on them, but nothing could be further from the truth." (writing for EcoWatch in 2017)

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Watch "Salmon Confidential" online here

Read more via "A Threat to Your Child's Health" and "Bad for Our Oceans"


Don Staniford, Scottish Salmon Watch

"Scottish salmon is farmed and dangerous." (quoted in The Daily Mail in 2017

"I wouldn't serve farmed salmon to my pet dog." (quoted in video report in 2018)


Joanna Blythman, author of Swallow This

"The gloss is off the Scottish salmon brand. Fewer and fewer aspiring  restaurants put farmed salmon on their menu. Its image is dull at best,  highly contentious at worst, and because it’s so flabby and oily, even  the best chefs toil to make something of it." (writing in The Grocer in 2017)


Anissa Reed, Canada

"I do this because wild salmon feed my home, the BC coast.  I am tired  of hearing about sea lice and mystery brain lesions, for the love of wild salmon these Norwegian corporations need to stop using our coast as a dumpsite." (quoted in 2011)

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Dr Roderick O'Sullivan, Ireland

"The price the environment has to pay for farmed salmon is frankly unsustainable.  If you gave me £100 to eat a slice of farmed salmon I would refuse.  In fact, if you gave me £1,000 I'd still refuse." (speaking at a press conference in 2017)


Tavish Campbell, Canada

"I was grossed out at the same time I was feeling mad. I was just in shock.  We want to protect wild salmon, we want to ensure anything being discharged into the ocean is safe before it hits the water." (quoted by CBC News in 2017)


Captain Paul Watson, USA

"If you must eat salmon, the best alternative is Alaskan wild salmon  where salmon farms are prohibited and where there is still a healthy  population of salmon returning each year. It's a choice between a  healthy wild fish raised in a natural ecosystem, feeding on natural  food (krill), free of chemicals, dyes, antibiotics, growth hormones,  tumors, lice and lesions OR you can eat this exceedingly unhealthy,  disease ridden, dirty, ecologically destructive captive fish raised in  over crowded and extremely filthy conditions." (writing in 2017)


Leona Plaisier, New Zealand

"I find the risk of something toxic entering our waterways a disturbing revelation." (quoted in 2012


Niall Greene, Salmon Watch Ireland

"By the end of this century wild salmon will be a curiosity in these islands." (speaking on That's Farming in 2017

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Listen to a speech in 2012 online here and a podcast in 2017 online here


Dr Anne-Lise Monsen, Norway

"I do not recommend pregnant women, children or young  people eat farmed salmon.  It is uncertain in both the amount  of toxins salmon contain, and how these drugs affect children,  adolescents, and pregnant women.” (quoted in 2018)


Eddie Gardner, Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance (Canada)

"My number one passion is protecting the wild salmon." (quoted in 2014)

"This fish farm industry is posing a real danger to bringing our wild salmon to extinction, and it must be stopped." (speaking to CBC News in 2017

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Noel Carr, Federation of Irish Salmon & Sea Trout Anglers

"Nature has struck back and said "No More!  We have a disaster on our hands.  We're in big trouble here." (speaking in 2012

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Watch video report online here


Ernest Alfred, Canada

"We can't sit by. I cannot sit by any longer while these farms  continue to infest our waters, putting all of our marine ecosystem at  risk. The time for the very long debate about fish farms has passed." (speaking to CBC News in 2017)


Martin Sheen, USA

"Operation Virus Hunter II will continue to address and expose the enormous health risks as well as the devastating environmental and ecological destruction directly and indirectly related to the farmed salmon industry." (speaking at the launch of the R/V Martin Sheen in 2017)

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Watch a press conference including Martin Sheen online here